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  • Film by Mr Chris Floyd
  • Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER

His modelling career has seen him grace magazines and billboards around the world, but most know Mr Johannes Huebl as the long-term boyfriend of the beautiful Upper East Side celebutante and paparazzi favourite, Ms Olivia Palermo. As one half of New York's most fashionable power couple, Mr Huebl finds his style choices under scrutiny on an almost daily basis, so it's fortunate that his taste in clothes is classic, reliable and easily adaptable. "A suit is very easy to wear, because it's like a uniform," he says, emphasising the importance of fine tailoring above all else. In our exclusive short, the Brooklyn-based model, photographer and On The Town regular discusses his opinions on flip-flops, his secret history as a sneaker fanatic and the unlikely origins of his style. Click on the video, above, to hear more.

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