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  • Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER
  • Illustrations by Mr Angelo Trofa

For MR PORTER there are three distinct seasons of sock wearing. Winter calls for woollen socks, ribbed and knee-high for business during the week, and short, chunky and rustic with boots at the weekend. In spring and autumn Bresciani's peerless long cotton socks come into their own during the week, and striped rugby socks work well at the weekend. That only leaves high summer, and the days when you want to wear as little as possible; in the heat MR PORTER likes to go without socks.

However, although we wholeheartedly recommend that guys wearing deck shoes go sock free, it isn't always so simple. For instance, while we admire the style of US designer Mr Thom Browne, who's habitually without socks even when wearing grey suits and heavy black leather shoes, his is not a look that will suit every man, or every environment. And the occasion on which Mr Browne wore a tuxedo without socks (at the 2008 CFDA Fashion Awards in New York) suggested that this is a look that should only be attempted by very bold dressers. Click through the slides, above, to see six footwear styles we'll be employing when the temperature rises.

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