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  • Words by Mr Ian Belcher

It is a splendid symmetry of need and desire, a precise balance of supply and demand. As the long hours, high stress and information overload of our round-the-clock, globalised culture makes regular escapes increasingly precious, more and more companies are providing innovative, cleverly packaged adventures to scratch the itch. MR PORTER would never be so bold as to call these trips selfish, but the vast and diverse range on offer means at least one will fit like a well-cut jacket. It's no time for compromise - you have earned this indulgent break.

Perhaps your idea of relaxation is kicking back on a private Central American island. Or you may prefer to nurse a classic car along the sun-kissed roads of the Neapolitan Riviera, or land a silver torpedo on a legendary salmon river in the Scottish borders. It's all waiting for you, as is a heart-stopping climb on the route of the world's greatest cycle race, and the chance to knock ten bells out of a small white ball in the Andalusian sun.

Here is MR PORTER's pick of the very best.

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