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  • Film by Mr Ikenna Mokwe
  • Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion Writer, MR PORTER

Working in the fashion industry involves travelling for up to a month at a time twice a year to attend the runway shows and designer appointments in Paris, Milan, New York and London. This presents a unique packing challenge, considering the length of time away from home and the office, and the fact that what those who attend fashion shows wear is scrutinised almost as closely as the clothes on the runway. With street-style bloggers on every corner, their cameras poised, and unforgiving industry peers with a judgmental glimmer in their eyes wherever you turn, the pressure is on - and there's no chance of getting away with shoving a few things into your Rimowa case 10 minutes before the taxi to the airport arrives.

Packing for a conference in another city or a fortnight in the sun will seem like a doddle in comparison, which is why we asked our Editor-in-Chief Mr Jeremy Langmead, Buying Director Mr Toby Bateman and Features Editor Mr Mansel Fletcher to talk us through how they pack for "fashion month". Learn how it's done the hard way, and everything else will fall into place. Watch the video, above, for some packing inspiration.

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