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  • Film by Mr Chris Floyd
  • Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER

As you might expect from an artist whose past work has included geodesic domes assembled from bronze-cast windscreen wipers and aluminium canoe hulls intricately carved to resemble chicken wire, Mr Jed Lind has an unconventional eye for style. The Toronto-born, LA-based artist takes a utilitarian approach to dressing, citing fellow artist Mr Gordon Matta-Clark as an inspiration, and likes clothes that "go the distance" - he even admits to wearing his A.P.C. jeans until they're covered in holes, before chopping them up, covering them in plaster and incorporating them into his artwork. Idiosyncrasies aside, however, and Mr Lind's style is ultimately rooted in some pretty normal values, above all a desire for accurate self-expression: "I think it's really important to choose clothes that tell the right story about who you are," he says. "I ultimately feel that every day you put clothes on, you're always making a statement."

Watch our final instalment of The Way I Dress to hear more of Mr Lind's musings on life and style, including his thoughts on hats, desert boots and beards, and an introduction to the philosophy that he calls "dudism".

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