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  • Film by Mr Ikenna Mokwe
  • Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle, Fashion Coordinator, MR PORTER
  • Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion Writer, MR PORTER

This week, The Way I Cook features 28-year-old model and keen pastry chef Mr Sam Homan. Since we debuted the series last year, the stylish amateur chefs we've featured have whipped up wood pigeon, sirloin steak, John Dory and a host of other delicious dishes. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Mr Homan has taken the series in a distinctly sweeter direction with his signature deep-dish coconut cream, double-chocolate and caramel pie. Watch the video, above, to discover how it's done - and to find out why Mr Homan's aspiration of opening a pastry restaurant is something to get excited about.