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  • Photography by Mr Bjorn Iooss | Words by Mr Yale Breslin

"I lead a very simple life," says Mr Andrew Rosen, CEO of Theory, a company he founded in 1997 as a way for both men and women to feel confident yet stylish in modern clothing. "I wake up, go to the gym in my building and then make my way to work where I spend the majority of my day right here, looking out at this remarkable view," Mr Rosen says. The view he's referring to is the Meatpacking District, an area of New York City of which he's been instrumental in raising the profile. From establishing the Theory headquarters here in 2006 to sitting on a board that holds an annual fundraiser to help support the area, for Mr Rosen it's about maintaining a piece of "old New York". "Theory's flagship store and corporate offices are situated on the corner of 9th Avenue and Gansevoort Street," he says. "It's one of the only areas remaining without high buildings in sight - which is something I love." His office space contains sparse furniture juxtaposed with personal items sprinkled throughout - family photographs, gifted books and a pile of golf balls. "I like my office to reflect the way I run my business," he says. "Minimal in detail yet personal in touch." Click through the slides, above, for a guided tour.

Do you consider yourself a big shopper?
Not really. I know the brands that I like and I know what fits me and what doesn't. The cool thing is that I don't have a lot of time to shop, so luckily I get to do it online.
Do you get all of your worldly information online, too?
I get the majority of my information from my BlackBerry.
BlackBerry? Not an iPhone? But you seem like a pretty progressive guy!
No. I'm a little bit clumsy. It's easy for me to type. I use this device just for my email and I'm happy with it - no need to change. Remember, I'm not from the digital age - this is all new to me.
What was your very first job?
My very first job was as a caddy. It was amazing. I was a big golfer when I was younger. They had the World Cup in Palm Springs when I was 18. I caddied for this guy from China and he ended up coming in second place. For six days of work or so, I made two or three thousand dollars. Not bad.

I don't like it when people close doors to their offices - nobody here does, including myself

Tell me a little bit about this office space.
I wanted everything to be very clean and very simple yet sophisticated - just like our company. The interesting thing is that I've always just moved into office spaces and office buildings, but with this space, we got the shell and completely gutted it and restored it entirely. We conceived the entire layout of every floor and I was able to do so in a way that [reflected how] I wanted the company to run - minimal private offices replaced by large open spaces. I don't like it when people close doors to their offices - nobody here does, including myself.
What are you like as a boss?
I'm more of a collaborator than a boss. I have my two children who work for the company as well. My son helps me out with a few things around here and my daughter helps [with styling]. It's always been in the family for me - I don't really know any different.
You have an incredible view from your desk.
I always have the shades closed - they aren't totally opaque. When it gets sunny, it gets very bright in here. I think I have one of the best views of the entire city. Just look at it. It's remarkable.
What is your approach to getting dressed in the morning?
It's kind of like my office space - simple yet smart. In the summer, it's jeans and sneakers and T-shirts. I usually wear a double T-shirt, like I'm doing today.
What about colour?
I never wear colour. I went through a phase when I was wearing a lot of colour - but now, not so much. I kind of like to change my style every so often. Right now, I'm pretty simple. Who knows what the fall will bring, though.

Mr Rosen's New York City HOT SPOTS


"I love this spot for lunch. It's right near the office and I usually get fish, chicken or pasta."


"I usually eat at Pastis for breakfast. It's so convenient because it's right across from my office. I can see it from my window."

High Line

"The High Line is amazing. What they did with this space and structure is quite remarkable. I walked the entire thing and was amazed. When I look at it, there isn't anything I would want to change."

Perry St restaurant

"Jean Georges is one of my favourite chefs and I love his restaurant Perry Street. I live right next door, so for me, it's all about proximity. Any time I go, he takes great care of me. It's all about food and service."

West Side Highway

"Sometimes I'll walk on the West Side Highway. It's very cool checking out the piers at night time."

Chrysler Building

"I think the Chrysler Building is incredible. I used to have an office that looked right into the Chrysler Building. I love the view - it's iconic New York."