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  • Words by Mr Paul Henderson, health & sport editor at British GQ

If you are reading this feature from the discomfort of a plane, train or automobile on your way to the office, it would probably be better for you to switch back to Fruit Ninja for the sake of your ever deteriorating mental and physical health. Don't believe me? Check out a few of the more depressing statistics on life for the typical commuter:

Told you so.

However, before you start furiously composing your letter of resignation and planning a life of self-sufficiency from your apartment in the suburbs, why not reconsider your options by rethinking your daily journey? With plenty of alternatives to choose from, it might be worth mixing up how you cover the miles to make life a little more interesting, energising and inspiring. And of course, we wouldn't dream of advising you not to do it in style. Click through the slides, above, to see MR PORTER's guide to the best commuting gear right now...