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Mr Jean-Pierre Mastey has been at the helm of Baxter of California for 11 years, but his history with the brand spans his entire life. Growing up in Los Angeles, Mr Mastey's father's company was located in the same building as Baxter, meaning he was exposed to its offices, playing with Mr Baxter Finley's dog and poking around the lotions and potions that have made Baxter of California a household name since 1965.

Since the re-launch of the brand in January 2007 it has received numerous consumer and packaging design awards, validating the effort put into the project. Between running Baxter of California and surfing the latest blogs for inspiration, Mr Mastey gets his kicks from amateur boxing, and with the recent addition of Baxter of California to MR PORTER, we asked him to talk us through his top 10 picks, above.