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  • Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion
  • & Social Media Writer, MR PORTER

Cool, assured and masculine, the colour grey always has a place in our wardrobe in its various guises, from dove to charcoal. While a grey flannel suit or slate-coloured cashmere knit is always welcome, the matter of interest this week is grey accessories. They're great because they go with everything and look good with all other colours, working subtly to complete your overall outfit. And on a purely practical note, you don't have to exercise the same degree of caution with them as you do with, say, a white bag or sand-coloured scarf: you'll be able to take spaghetti Bolognese and crayon-brandishing toddlers in your stride. Click through the gallery, above, to see some of our favourite grey accessories this season - as you will notice, there is actually nothing drab or "grey" about them at all - or continue reading to discover some other grey areas of interest.