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  • Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER

Messrs Ariel and Shimon Ovadia formed their menswear line in 2010, naming it Ovadia & Sons "in homage to [their] family history". It's clear from the clothes, too - a collection of workmanlike flannel shirts, wide-waled cords and patchwork tweed sports jackets - that a sense of history, and of heritage, is something that the brothers are keen to evoke.

The company itself may be only three years old, but the story begins some 30 years ago with the twins' father, who moved to New York from Israel in the early 1980s and started a childrenswear company - "out of the back of a wood-panelled Oldsmobile station wagon", as Mr Shimon Ovadia puts it. The company expanded rapidly on the back of a chance meeting in the early 1990s. The brothers' father, looking to buy excess inventory and cancelled orders, walked into a showroom that held the US license for London Fog. "The owner of the company gave my father $180,000 in credit that same day," he says.

The brothers left school at 15 to start work at their father's fast-growing company, starting in the warehouse before working their way up to design roles. From that point on, they never looked back. "Growing up, we always loved clothing. All of our hard-earned money as teens would go to it," say the twins. It was inevitable that we'd end up designing our own clothes - but what was supposed to start out as a couple of shirts and a few ties ended up being an entire collection."

Preppy, heritage-inspired menswear is arguably as in demand now as it has ever been, with brands originating as far afield as Japan (Beams Plus), and blogs such as A Continuous Lean spreading the love for all things Americana. By offering a fresh and stylish take, Ovadia & Sons has ensured that it's not something that'll be going out of fashion any time soon. For those with an eye for timeless design, those who are particular about provenance, or those just in the market for eminently wearable clothes that they'll find themselves going back to year after year, this is certainly a name to remember. Click through the gallery, above, to see our favourite pieces from the collection.