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  • Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion
  • & Social Media Writer, MR PORTER

The year is 1990 and the location Milan. Two relative newcomers to the fashion industry, Messrs Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, were about to turn the industry on its head with their debut menswear collection, which refused to conform to the prevailing moods of the time: Mr Giorgio Armani's minimalism and Mr Gianni Versace's opulence. By showing slim-fit silhouettes in softly textured fabrics, with details such as waistcoats and flat caps that brought to mind Mr Dolce's native Sicily, the pair set a new tone in Italian menswear - and the rest is history.

Today Dolce & Gabbana is a global fashion powerhouse, referencing the style and passion of the designers' homeland in every collection, whether it's drawing inspiration from soccer stars or Sicilian aristocrats, or from Italian traditions such as dressing up for church on a Sunday or for an evening passeggiata. Immaculate tailoring, elegant evening wear and chic casualwear remain the cornerstones of the men's collections, which continue to impress us season after season. Click through the gallery, above, to learn more about the duo's inspirations.