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  • Film by Mr David Robert Anderson
  • Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER

The world of cars is ever more complex. Supercars are now powered by hybrid combinations of electric and petrol engines, while the prosaic end of the motoring market is moving into the era of self-driving cars. In search of a purer driving experience, MR PORTER sent Mr David Green, racing driver and television producer, to test something entirely different, the Morgan 3 Wheeler. Despite its appearance this is a new car from one of the UK's most successful - and most eccentric - car companies.

Mr Henry Morgan founded the Morgan Motor Company in 1910, and ran it until he died in 1959. He was succeeded by his son, Mr Peter Morgan, while his grandson, Mr Charles Morgan, remains a director and shareholder. Morgan started producing three-wheeled vehicles in 1910, and by 1927 had created a machine called the Super Aero, which was powered by a V-twin engine and looks remarkably similar to the new 3 Wheeler. However, Morgan didn't resume production of these V-twin powered machines after the hiatus caused by WWII, despite continuing to produce other three wheelers until 1953.

Production of V-twin three wheelers was resumed in 2011, with this all-new machine. On paper the car's speed may not impress, but the driving experience is extraordinary, and the 3 Wheeler has been universally acclaimed as a joyful return to all that's good about motoring. That said, we must admit to retaining one doubt about the car, which relates to the probability of persuading a woman of its virtues. Aside from that quibble we're sold on the 3 Wheeler's merits, but watch our film, above, and make up your own mind.