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Five years ago Mr Tuckwell, 39, co-founded his unique motorcycle and retail concept, Deus Ex Machina (Latin for "God from the machine") with two similarly bike-obsessed friends, specialising in the sort of custom-motorcycle culture that dominated the Forties. From a finely-tuned Yamaha SR400 to a stiff cup of coffee, his store really has it all. Here, he takes us on a tour of some of his essentials

I stumbled on a dealer near Sydney who specialised in these watches, after years of trying to track one down in Europe. I appreciate the understated simplicity of military watches and their singularity of purpose. I also enjoy having to wind and correct it everyday; it forces me to recalibrate my own clock. We rely too much on automation these days.

Waxed jackets are perfect for riding in Sydney, as you rarely need anything warmer. When required, I can wear my bike armour and warmer layers underneath, and you never need to carry a bag since they come with the added boy-scout practicality of oversized pockets for phones, keys and any weekend reading. My Belstaff lives draped over the seat of my bike.

Ever since it was invented, many words have been gushed on page in attempts to describe the romance of the motorcycle. Personally, going for a ride to blow the dust off is my panacea to a busy life. We recently finished my Kawasaki W650 custom after years of fiddling in the workshop. This one is definitely a keeper.

First introduced in 1988, these sneakers were reissued last year, although only in limited edition, so finding them is slightly problematic (although Japan is a good place to start). It's the only make of sneaker I'll ever need or want. They offer an otherworldly level of comfort, almost as good as getting into a hotel bed.

Always my perch of choice. Mr Meadmore, another great Australian export, may have left his mark on the world with his sculptures, however, his chair designs are similarly magnificent. I am lucky enough to own quite a few of them in nicely worn-in tobacco leather. They are amazingly comfortable and insanely stylish.