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  • Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER

Whether you're in the market for a greatcoat, or merely a great coat, there is a host of forms to choose from this winter. From the easy masculine appeal of a shearling flight jacket, to the utilitarian value of a goose-down parka, via the elegance of a double-breasted guards coat, each style is designed for a different occasion and a different environment.

As a result civilised life demands that a man have at least a couple of winter coats, because what works in the office probably won't work as well at the weekend, or even for a night out. In order to make sense of the season's wide and varied range of coats we have come up with a hit list of the key styles, and of the men who wear, and wore, them best. So whether you need a new overcoat this winter, or you're just looking for a gilet, there's inspiration to be found in our story, above.