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  • Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER

At the risk of sounding as if we've completely missed the point, there's something rather likeable about Patrick Bateman. We know, we know... we're talking about one of the most despicable, morally reprehensible characters ever created. But try, if you can, to look past the self-absorption, the obsessiveness, the mindless materialism - and the murderous tendencies, of course - and you'll find a man of discerning taste. Why else would we find ourselves reluctantly agreeing with his views on business attire, even as we recoil in horror at his gruesome nocturnal activities? Why is it that we can't help but admire his choice of holdall, even as it's being used to dispose of a body? His apartment is as clinical as a morgue, and just as full of corpses, so how else do we justify coveting its elegant furnishings?

It's no accident that readers of American Psycho find themselves in the uncomfortable position of relating to the aesthetic values of a man who counts among his priorities "to saw a hardbody's head off and Federal Express it to the police". That uneasy combination of revulsion and attraction is at the heart of Mr Bret Easton Ellis' deliciously dark satire - and it's what ensures that we continue to speak of its protagonist in "style icon" terms (even if we do so, we might add, with tongue firmly in cheek). With that in mind, we've picked out a few items that we feel represent Patrick Bateman's inimitable sense of style - from the perfect pinstripe suit to a manicure set that'll satisfy the needs of even the most compulsively well groomed. You could describe them as "accessories to murder"; all we'll say is that we wouldn't be seen dead without them. Click through the gallery, above, to check them out.

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