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  • Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion
    & Social Media Writer, MR PORTER

For the second instalment of our Global Style Campaign, we invited guys to submit pictures of their personal style on Instagram, tagged with their location. Subsequently, these were collated on a map, where viewers could browse entries by city and vote for their favourites. The four entrants who received the most votes on their picture won £2,500/ €2,900/ $4,000 of MR PORTER store credit each; the winners were announced on our Facebook page at the start of the month. As usual, though, we were so impressed by the quality of the entries from around the world (all 3,500 of them, to be precise), that we asked our Editor-in-Chief, Mr Jeremy Langmead, to choose 10 of his favourites, from Stockholm to Singapore, to highlight here in The Journal. And what's more, he also selected a fifth winner from these men (regardless of the number of votes received), who has also won store credit. Click through the gallery, above, to find out more.