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  • Photography by Mr Bill Gentle
  • Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER

"When you become your own boss, there are no longer any rules to abide by," says Mr Geoff Bartakovics, who co-founded the food and drink email magazine Tasting Table in 2008 after several years spent in investment banking. "What I wear each day now varies according to my daily schedule."

As CEO of the company, which he describes as "a free daily email magazine for adventurous eaters and drinkers that's the equivalent of receiving a gourmet magazine one article at a time", that schedule largely revolves around managing the company's operations out of its Manhattan headquarters. With editions covering five major US cities plus a nationwide edition, and with a subscriber base nearly two million strong and growing steadily, it's a busy, wide-ranging role - but Mr Bartakovics still makes time for a regular gym routine and a morning walk with his affectionately titled "dog daughter", Sukey Barksdale.

MR PORTER spent a week in New York cataloguing his style diary. To see what happened, click through the gallery, above.