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  • Illustration by Mr Jean Jullien
  • Words by Ms Miranda Collinge

First of all, we don't want to suggest you wish away what's left of 2013. This year has had a perfectly respectable tally of exciting cultural phenomena: the separate returns of Mr Justin Timberlake and Ms Britney Spears, the pseudonymous return of Ms JK Rowling, big-hitting arguments from Mr Malcolm Gladwell, a drop-everything Day of the Doctor, mass addiction to Breaking Bad, breathtaking vertigo induced by Mr Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, lustful hysteria induced by Ron Burgundy's moustache and the brave decision by Superman in Man of Steel to wear his underwear on the correct side of his trousers.

However we can report that 2014 looks set to be bursting at the seams with exciting happenings, many of them fresher, stranger and more inventive than we might have become accustomed to of late. Be it conceptual cinematic kookiness from Mr Spike Jonze or biblical big-screen bombast from Mr Ridley Scott, a new record from the Knowles sister for those in the know, the female comedy duo that makes Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna look mainstream, or a book about dentistry that won't make you want to pull your teeth out, there's lots to look forward to. Allow us to offer you a little précis of the cultural agenda coming up, full of stuff that is weird, wonderful - and frequently both.