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Flying first class is nice enough, as is chartering a private aircraft for your trip, but you haven't truly arrived in the world of jet-set travel until you own a plane outright. Need we add, a plane customised to your exact personal specifications, whether they be onboard showers, space for your favourite sports car in the hold or military-grade anti-missile systems. Of course, owning a jet will remain a pipe dream for most of us, but dream we most certainly will the next time we find ourselves on the red-eye from Los Angeles to New York listening to other people's children scream. Click through the gallery, above, to explore six of the most desirable long-range executive jets money can buy, or continue reading, below, to discover the owners of the world's most extravagant private planes.


Boeing 757 - Mr Donald Trump

Mr Donald Trump has never been accused of subtlety, so it will come as no surprise that his personal Boeing 757 jet (which commercial airlines would fill with more than 200 passengers) is painted red and black with his name emblazoned down each side in gold. That said, the interior is rather restrained with neutral colours and classic hardwood dominating.

Boeing 767 - Mr Roman Abramovich

British Airways fits up to 259 passengers in its Boeing 767 jets, but the Russian billionaire (and owner of London's Chelsea Football Club) Mr Roman Abramovich has his own. The plane has discreet white and taupe livery and, although no images of the interior have been released, it is rumoured to include a 30-seat dining room and anti-missile system.

Airbus A340 - Mr Alisher Usmanov

The Uzbek-born Russian business magnate Mr Alisher Usmanov takes things a step further, having acquired an Airbus A340 plane in 2012. With a range of 9,000 miles and the ability to seat up to 365 passengers in commercial service, the entry-level price for this enormous jet is approximately $240m.

Boeing 747 - Mr Joseph Lau

The Boeing 747 (better known as the Jumbo Jet) was the world's largest passenger airliner from 1969 until the advent of the Airbus A380 in 2007. It remains the preferred mode of transport for heads of state including the US President (whose plane is known by its air traffic control call sign, "Air Force One") and the Sultan of Brunei, but Hong Kong real estate tycoon Mr Joseph Lau is one of the few private owners of the iconic plane.

Airbus A380 - Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia was the first individual to order a private Airbus A380 - the world's largest passenger plane, which can potentially accommodate 850 people across its two decks - for a reported $500m. Plans for the plane included a Turkish bath and a parking garage for his Rolls-Royce, but this ultimate "palace of the skies" never came to be: the prince decided to sell the A380 on before it was delivered, and continues to make do with his Boeing 747 (which contains a stateroom replete with enormous throne).