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  • Words by Mr Daniel Neilson

It's in the mountains where the unexpected happens. It's where the weather can turn in a pitch of a climb; it's where a change of terrain can bring the greatest physical and mental challenges; it's where true, raw adventure happens. Mountains aren't out to get us, but they are to be respected. Part of that is taking the right gear. It's about being safe and comfortable, but it's also about achievement and the occasional hint of luxury. A freshly made espresso after three days camped out at 4,000m can give a huge morale boost, and who doesn't want to film that glorious summit moment, or an exposed twist of an off-piste run?

It's with this in mind that we've picked the most innovative outdoors kit. The Mammut Airbag may save your life freeriding, while the Brunton Hydrogen Reactor will keep your tech powered while you record and share those moments. Technology today infuses all parts of our lives. The Suunto Ambit2 GPS watch would have been unimaginable to the first summiteers of Everest 61 years ago, but the Coyote fur and down filling in the Canada Goose Aviator hat would have been completely familiar. Sometimes, nature - hundreds of thousands of years in development - still offers the best defence.