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  • Words by Mr Alastair Humphreys, adventurer
  • Illustrations by Mr Seth Armstrong

I read my first Ranulph Fiennes book when I should have been revising for my A levels. By the time I sat university final exams I was a lost case, buried deep in Ernest Shackleton, Eric Newby and Bill Tilman. I was hooked on adventure books, great stories of endeavour and hardship played out with a backdrop of the wildest landscapes on earth. I needed more of this. I needed some of it for myself. So I climbed onto my bike and set off to test myself out there in the world's wild places. I spent four years cycling 46,000 miles around the world, but this didn't slake my thirst. I've written books of my own now and chased adventure to the ends of the earth. But adventure, and adventure's great canon of literature, is like Pandora's box. Open the box and you're cursed forever. There are more landscapes and adventures than you can fit into one lifetime, more great tales of adventure too. I hope that these 10 favourites of mine, picked to encompass a variety of styles of adventure, will get you itching for new horizons and the spell of the open road.