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  • Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER

At the time of writing, the west coast of Europe is being lashed by 10m-high waves, the US Midwest is starting to resemble the Arctic tundra, and #polarvortex is trending on Twitter. It's turning into the sort of winter to give Ned Stark the shivers. What happened? Did we anger the gods? (MR PORTER has been in touch with Mr Tom Dixon to commission an ark, just in case.)

With temperatures hitting 20-year lows in the US and general wintry unpleasantness reigning supreme elsewhere, January 2014 looks set to go down in history as "the month we stayed indoors". If you must venture out, though, it's worth putting a little extra thought into what you'll be wearing.

When extreme weather takes hold, fashion considerations tend to go out of the window in favour of more practical concerns: not freezing to death, and so on. Well, nonsense, we say. We're out to prove that you can have your cake and eat it. Click through the gallery, above, to see our guide to staying weatherproof and stylish, whatever the conditions.