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  • Illustrations by Mr Seth Armstrong
  • Words by Ms Miranda Collinge, features editor, British Esquire

Forget Hostel, Saw and The Shining: there's nothing quite as likely to strike terror into a grown man's heart as having to sit through a certain kind of date movie. You know the sort of thing: films with chatty titles including the words "She's So...", "You've Got" or "Love"; that feature cute kids in Scotch-taped glasses, incorrigible rogues turned into hopeless romantics, or Ms Meg Ryan (though we must confess to making a couple of key exceptions, as you'll see). With Valentine's Day looming large, we strongly recommend you make a movie-viewing contingency plan by picking something that you'll both enjoy. Above are some suggestions for alternative date movies, from a celebrated 1970s oddity with surprising heart and a golden oldie with a proper leading man, to a kinky indie that - who knows - might give you both some ideas. Happy viewing.