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  • Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Features Writer, MR PORTER

More than three years after their dark debut, The Fool, Warpaint returned last month with a second helping of their stylishly psychedelic indie music. Following a period of intense touring, the four-piece retreated to Joshua Tree to create their self-titled LP, which, with the help of legendary rock producer Flood, expands on their cooler-than-thou rock with bulkier sounds and experimental beats. Having also recruited the services of director Mr Chris Cunningham - who produced their album artwork and a yet-to-be-released documentary - the group are reaching new creative heights. Recent news of a collaboration with Earl Sweatshirt and King Krule, and confirmation of the girls' appearance at this year's SXSW festival, has done nothing to harm their status as indie queens of the moment.

Taking in everything from J Dilla to Aphex Twin, check out the tracks that have been inspiring Warpaint of late - and stream their new album, here.

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Talking Heads

"Born Under Punches"

"This is the opening track on arguably their finest album, and features a good dose of Brian Eno synths and that futuristic Afro-funk that is everywhere these days."

J Dilla


"A beautiful yet short meditation off his final album Donuts, this track displays the perfectly imperfect sampling that makes the record feel like a pleasant hangover."


"Neon Lights"

"The Man-Machine album, which features this track, sounds as much like a pack of proto-electronic Düsseldorfians from the late 1970s as it does experimental synth artists from the future. This song and record will never age."

A Guy Called Gerald

"Voodoo Ray"

"A house classic that pairs well with bicycle rides in the Joshua Tree desert."


"Yama Yama"

"An incredible-sounding record, this song is the epitome of 1970s French production, but with an added traditional Japanese twist."

Nathan Fake


"I'm a huge fan of his past two records - he creates an astounding sonic landscape. This track is an extremely satisfying adventure and made for listening to on a good pair of headphones."

Aphex Twin

"Alberto Balsam"

"This was a song that we listened to about 400 times a day while writing in Joshua Tree. One of the most deliberate and beautiful pieces of music ever written."

A Tribe Called Quest

"Electric Relaxation"

"As well as GZA of Wu-Tang's Liquid Swords, this is a record that gets a great deal of air time in our camp. Both albums conjure up nostalgia, but evolve and change shape with age."


"Erotic City"

"Perhaps an obvious choice of artist, but this is my favourite incarnation of Prince. This has a wonderfully unromantic sentiment and is a perfect track."



"Moondog loved to explore the complexities and textures of music, but this track is just so simple and sweet - the perfect lullaby."