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  • Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER

Day one in a new office can be a sartorial minefield. As the old catchphrase goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. You don't want to get it wrong and forever be remembered as the goon who pitched up in jeans when everyone else was in suits, or vice versa.

I recently started my new job: as US Editor of MR PORTER, based in New York. So the team thought this story would be an appropriate one for me to kick off with.

Chances are you'll have a fair idea of the general dress code if you've been into the office for an interview or, y'know, bothered to do any kind of research whatsoever. But if you're unsure, there's no harm in double-checking beforehand.

Unless you're dead set on making a big statement from the start - and you're prepared to be the subject of a round robin office email entitled "OMG! Check out the newbie!" - then play it safe, at least initially. Just as you don't try to hit a home run with the first ball, it's best to settle in before you start playing the big shots.

For casual offices, you can't go far wrong with a button-down shirt, chinos and brogues. If it's a suit-and-tie vibe, opt for a navy or charcoal grey single-breasted two-piece with a white shirt, and keep that daring cobalt blue three-piece in reserve. At least until day two.

So what did I decide on for my first day? A grey Thom Sweeney suit, white Brooks Brothers shirt, blue Hackett tie, chocolate brown O'Keeffe monk straps, Bremont ALT1- Classic watch. I think I got it about right. I ought to have done - they're all MR PORTER brands.