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With its picturesque neighbourhoods, tree-lined boulevards and easygoing café culture, Paris occupies a special place in the romantic imagination - especially from an outsider's point of view. But what is it like to live there? Hot on the heels of our recent trip to Barcelona, we headed to La Ville Lumière to find out. To hear the views of five of the French capital's influential inhabitants, including what they think about Parisian style, read below, or click through the slides, above, to see them wearing the spring collections.

Mr Sauzay, 27, is an interior designer and a model. He grew up on the outskirts of Paris before moving to the centre to study at École Camondo, a school of decorative arts where he met Ms Charlotte de Tonnac. Together they run Festen, an architecture and design agency that is currently busy on projects in Paris, Casablanca, Corsica and Beirut. They live in Le Marais, in the heart of the city.

Sum up Parisian style in a few words.
It's more of a state of mind. The Parisian man is classic, elegant and sometimes arrogant; he's nonchalant, but not too much. I really like [Ami designer] Alexandre Mattiussi's philosophy: "a healthy dose of French chic and charm, relaxed elegance mixed with a definite sense of ease and authenticity."

The youngest son of legendary French screen star Mr Alain Delon, Mr Delon - who turns 20 on 18 March - has just embarked on an acting career of his own, making his cinematic debut alongside ex-footballer Mr Eric Cantona in the surreal, bawdy arthouse movie You and the Night. The young Parisian, noted for his striking resemblance to his father, recently appeared on the cover of Vogue Hommes International.

What does Parisian style mean to you?
Is there one?!
What makes Paris special?
The beautiful architecture and all the history you can feel everywhere you pass. It's just the perfect place to spend a sunny day in a park, chilling with friends over a beer.

Mr Ohayon, 32, spent his childhood growing up in Nancy in the northeast of France before moving to Paris 12 years ago to pursue a career as a model. Alongside his modelling work, he now also works as an art dealer specialising in Art Deco and Art Nouveau. He lives in the 15th arrondissement with his dog, Sonni.

What does your city mean to you?
Paris is the only place that I don't get bored! I just love the culture - visiting museums, hanging out in Montmartre, having "un café dans un café"... it's my inspiration.
Where would you go to eat?
Try Chez Mademoiselle, a classic Parisian bistro in Le Marais on Rue Charlemagne.

Mr Lanvin grew up in the west of France, in a town called La Baule-Escoublac. He spent his teenage years working at a local radio station before landing an assistant role at a national station at the age of 17. He has held residencies on some of France's biggest stations (NRJ, Radio FG) and travels the world as a DJ. He has lived in Paris for 10 years.

Where are the best places to enjoy a night out in Paris?
When in Paris, I like Raspoutine, 79 and Titty Twister. Great music, beautiful people. It's one of the only places in the world where fashion is just as important as music. Most clubs in Paris are focused on hip-hop at the moment, though, and I'm more into house music, so it's more common for me to enjoy parties outside of France - in England, Germany, Spain or even Brazil.

Jewellery designer Mr "JT" Besins lives between Paris, Monaco and Mexico, where he resides with his girlfriend, Aline. Before starting his jewellery line, Bulliony, he studied a range of topics including modern French literature, acting and business management. He currently splits his time between designing for his jewellery line, working on a book, and launching a cosmetics brand.

What are your favourite places?
My favourite museum? The Pompidou Centre for its temporary exhibitions, or the Musée d'Orsay for its permanent collection. For a meal, Le Comptoir du Relais in Odéon. And my favourite hang-out spot? My apartment.