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Whether you want to look better on the beach, excel at a sport or improve your health and life-expectancy, exercise is undeniably a good thing. Finding the time, though, can sometimes be the biggest challenge. One way of looking at it is this: if you have the tools and equipment to have a great work-out at home, you have effectively removed the logistics obstacle, making it easier for you to break a sweat. Or maybe you can make it to the gym two to three times per week, but would like to add some exertion on the in-between days when you're more pressed for time. Or perhaps you simply like having exercise equipment to hand in case you might one day want to use it. Whatever the case, click through the gallery, above, to discover the home work-out equipment that has caught our eye, or continue reading, below, for some smaller accessories to complement your training.

Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion & Social Media Writer, MR PORTER