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  • Film by Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti, Associate Art Director, MR PORTER

Welcome to the second episode of our new series of Style Clinic films, in which our host Mr Larry Lamb prescribes a trio of tasteful solutions to a problem that many men will have faced: how to dress for a date.

This particular case concerns John, who contacted the Style Clinic from Seattle. John and his girlfriend, who have been together for three years, recently took the next step and decided to move in together. As can happen in these circumstances, though, the comfort of cohabitation has come at the expense of a certain je ne sais quoi. Keen to prove to his partner that he's still "got it", John has promised to take her out on a good, old-fashioned romantic date - but after three years, it appears that his wardrobe could do with a little spring clean. Watch the video, above, to see what the Style Clinic suggests.

We're currently taking submissions for future episodes, so if you've got a style query don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or by writing to us at Style Clinic, MR PORTER, 1 The Village Offices, Westfield London Shopping Centre, Ariel Way, London W12 7GF.