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Each season we work up a list of the 10 guys whose enviable sense of style seems most relevant to the new season's mood. This spring the icons that we feel speak best to the trends in menswear include an industrialist from Texas, a rock star from Sheffield, a pioneer of Italian neorealist cinema, a trio of brothers from the world's foremost political dynasty and a chat show host. What do they have in common? The glib answer is a taste for soft tailoring - there's barely a structured shoulder in sight - but the truer answer is that all 10 men look good because they look comfortable.

Looking comfortable isn't about wearing sweatpants, it's about feeling at ease whether you're in a dinner jacket or swim shorts. And feeling at ease is a pre-condition to projecting an air of quiet confidence. So the lesson here isn't that you need to dress like a man doing an impression of President John Kennedy, but that this season's air of easy elegance should inform your wardrobe over the next six months.

Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER