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Although comprehensive and, at times, sobering - This is Spinal Tap's amp-busting 1980s satire of the rock'n'roll lifestyle has not drowned out our desire to know what makes our favourite musicians tick. Whether it be the road-tripping antics of The Beatles, the dark side of Mr Ian Curtis, or the hedonistic icons of 1990s Madchester - a peek behind the stage often makes for the most compelling stories in cinema. Most top film lists go to 10, but, in honour of Spinal Tap, we've pushed ours all the way to 11. Which is one better, isn't it? We've undoubtedly still left out a gem or two, but here are the music-based movies that strike a chord with us most. Click through the gallery, above, to find out more.

Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Features Writer, MR PORTER