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  • Illustrations by Mr Richard Haines

These days few events happen in fashion without a phalanx of street style photographers snapping away on SLRs and smartphones to #hashtag the moment to their legions of followers. But in all the Insta-rush and the Twitter chatter, there is little time to take in and appreciate the nuance and detail. That is where Mr Richard Haines offers a refreshingly different perspective. He doesn't click away indiscriminately, seeing life narrowly through a lens. He observes. He chooses a subject. His forensic eye takes in the detail. And then he sketches what he sees.

We have commissioned the New York-based artist to create a series of exclusive sketches for MR PORTER, taking the temperature on the streets of each city he visits. First up, Tokyo: a bustling menswear capital full of well-dressed men displaying real sartorial flair. Click through the gallery, above, to meet some of the stylish characters he met.

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER