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Photography by Mr Bill Gentle

Being a florist was never the obvious career choice for me," explains Paris-based Mr Rambert Rigaud. It was only after turning 40 and being in the fashion industry for 17 years that he was compelled to seek a change in landscape and expression.

A former studio director at Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, Mr Rigaud compiled an impressive portfolio of contacts that proved to be an invaluable source of support when he set up Fleuriste en Herbe in Saint-Germain one year ago. Working alongside Messrs John Galliano and Stefano Pilati taught him the importance of mixing colours and textures, which is a skill he transferred to his new line of business. Since opening in 2013, brands such as Valentino, Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent (not to mention our very own sister publication PORTER) have called upon his expertise in floral creativity.

MR PORTER spent a week in Paris documenting Mr Rigaud's style and picking up a few of his sartorial tips along the way. Click through the gallery, above, to find out more.

Fleuriste en Herbe is located at 2 Rue de L'Université, Paris

Words by Ms Caroline Hogan, Editorial Assistant, MR PORTER