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Good structure: whether it's underpinning your house, your working week or that movie script you're dabbling with in your spare time, we all need it. But, when it comes to your tailoring, it doesn't hurt to loosen up occasionally, to relax, and to be flexible.

Beautiful business suits and wonderfully constructed formal blazers look just the ticket at an important event. But come Friday night or a weekend away, they're too stiff. Hey, who brought Mr Buzzkill?

So free yourself from the straight/ straitjacket with an unstructured blazer. As you'll see from this selection of our current favourites, these jackets have less construction, padding and lining so they're softer in the shoulder and more relaxed in fit. As a result they lend themselves to layering and open up more wardrobe combinations. Plus they're lighter, cooler and easier to pack which makes them ideal smart-casual options as we move into summer. What's not to like?

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER