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Whether you're the one getting hitched, or if you'll be there to witness a friend or relative commit to lifelong matrimony, there will inevitably be a lot to think about in the lead up to a wedding. And although what to wear on your feet may not rank that highly on your list of priorities (particularly when there are speeches and over-familiar great aunts to contend with), it pays to pick the right pair of shoes. After all, nobody wants to be immortalised in a photo album (or on Instagram) as the guy who got married in a pair of beat-up tennis shoes. And think of it this way: if you have put a decent amount of effort into your outfit (which you should have) there's no point ruining the effect from the ankle down. Since weddings, whether your own or someone else's, are not only a great excuse for dusting off your karaoke skills, but also for treating yourself to some cracking new gear, click through the gallery, above, for our guide to the best in nuptial footwear.

Words by Mr Peter Henderson, Senior Fashion & Social Media Writer,