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As the man helming a magazine that brings together the worlds of innovation and culture, Mr Scott Dadich is at the very apex of invention and creativity. Both figuratively and literally. His office is located in SoMa, the epicentre of San Francisco's famous tech hub.

"We're right in the beating heart of it," says Mr Dadich, looking out of the floor-to-ceiling windows of his office. "Twitter started over there and Instagram was just there for a while," he says, pointing across South Park. "Pinterest is three blocks away.

"There are hundreds of tech companies within a five-block radius of this office. WIRED was founded and built in this very neighbourhood in San Francisco for the reason that it is the centre of this new world and the focus of how technology and innovation are shaping culture."

In recent years Mr Dadich has been at the forefront of how print publishing is evolving in the digital age. After joining WIRED as creative director in 2006, he moved to New York for two years to oversee the development and launch of parent publishing company Condé Nast's various iPad editions for titles such as Vanity Fair and The New Yorker before moving back to WIRED as editor-in-chief in late 2012.

Mr Dadich now splits his time between WIRED's offices in New York and this creative space in San Francisco where he is based. Click through the slides, above, and allow him to show you around the latter...

Working here, are you bumping into tech gurus all the time?
We do. I used to see Evan Williams and Biz Stone from Twitter in the line for coffee just about every morning when they were across the street. I meet with founders and entrepreneurs almost every day as people want to show us new technologies and hardware and software that they are developing. It's a factor of being in this neighbourhood.
You must see these people's lives change dramatically as they go from comparatively nothing to huge success very quickly.
It's really gratifying. I remember meeting Ben Silbermann when he had this little idea called Pinterest. And then I went over to see him just a couple of weeks ago in its new HQ on 7th Street. They've taken over the whole building. It's awesome to see the success of great people and tremendous inventors.
Do you feed off that sense of creativity, innovation and can-do attitude at WIRED too?
It's really in the DNA of this place. We've tried to participate in that invention as much as we've been able.
What kind of boss are you and what's the office atmosphere like?
It's a really comfortable office. There is a sense of belonging. But there's also a bit of a start-up vibe here. We're very much of and about South of Market and Silicon Valley. I try to hire people who are better and smarter than I am and enable them to do work that pushes us forward.
What are the key factors in fostering a creative environment?
Everyone brings his or her dog in every day. People bring them to meetings which creates a nice atmosphere. We all have music in different parts of the office. We have our chef who cooks local organic food for us. And we do drinks on Friday afternoons when the desks turn into bar stations for cocktails.
What do you wear to work?
It depends which work we're talking about. I'm in New York twice a month at the Condé Nast offices in 4 Times Square and I wear suits there. I have a Neapolitan tailor who makes all my suits and shirts - a guy called Nedo Bellucci. I design some of my own ties. In San Francisco I'm a bit more casual: jeans or cords and a blazer.
What gadgets could you not live without in 2014?
I have my iPhone and iPad glued to me just about all day, every day. I fell in love with my Xbox One that I got last year. That's going in the office all the time. At home I would die without my Sonos - it's awesome to have music throughout the house.
What's the next big thing in the world of tech?
Wearable technology is something we're really focused on for 2014. There's a real explosion of these kinds of devices. I've tried just about all of them. Some work better than others but I haven't found that one perfect device yet. You won't catch me wearing Google glasses around the office.

Top: I have two globes. One is of the earth, a gorgeous piece from my friend Wyatt Mitchell, creative director at The New Yorker. He gave it to me as a gift when I got this job. The moon globe is something I found in a junk shop in Austin.

Mr Dadich's

San Francisco Hot Spots


My favourite place to go for dinner is an Italian near Jackson Square called Cotogna for fresh pastas and remarkable pizza.


I'm a caffeine addict. There's a café called Jane on Fillmore Street that is really sweet. There's also one in South Park right across the street called Small Foods that's opened up.;


My wife and I head up to Napa a couple of times a month. We love staying at a beautiful little place called The Carneros Inn, just between Napa and Sonoma.


Around Rodeo Beach and Fort Cronkhite in Marin County is an amazing hike. I'll try to get up there with a couple of buddies for a walk along the cliffs with spectacular views out to the Pacific.

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER