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  • The Tech Issue
  • Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry
  • Words by Mr Ben Machell, feature writer, The Times

It all kicked off about four years ago. Prior to that, if I was ever asked to interview a successful, famous and wealthy young man, then they would invariably be one of three things: a singer, an actor or a sportsman. But then my editors cottoned on to the emergence of a new group, of wan-faced boys who didn't just know about the internet, but who knew how to make huge amounts of money off the back of it too. And, just like that, I was off, sent to New York, to San Francisco, to east London in order to interview these guys and possibly even encourage them to make eye contact now and then. And the irony was that while even bottom-rung actors, singers and sportsmen would employ entire platoons of stylists, these thrusting twentysomething geeks could buy and sell nations but still looked pretty much like, well, twentysomething geeks. Still, the deeper into their world I got, the more distinction I was able to observe between the different types of players and the more familiar I was able to get with the various stylistic tropes on display. So if you're involved in this world - or if you plan to be - then hopefully what follows will provide some basic pointers as to where the competition is going wrong. At least in terms of clothes.