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  • The Tech Issue
  • Words by Mr Tom Bailey, technology editor, ShortList magazine

So here's some good news. Soon we won't need to worry about the failings of the human body - we'll all be cyborgs. Or at least we'll look like cyborgs, thanks to wearable technology. From smartglasses to internet-connected suits and virtual-reality headsets, wearables are high on the tech agenda.

But while tech companies may well be prefixing their new gadgets with the word "smart" - smartwatches, smartglasses, smartbands - that doesn't necessarily mean they'll look the part. Two notable exceptions already available are Samsung's sleek Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Jawbone's organic-looking Up activity tracker.

Later this year we should see the launch of two game-changers that will bring wearable tech further into the mainstream. Firstly there's Apple's hotly anticipated "iWatch" (reportedly due Autumn - pitch your tent now), which is rumoured to be made of curved glass, charge wirelessly, feature health-improving apps and will almost certainly liberate wearables from the geekier end of the tech spectrum.

Secondly, there's Google Glass: the Wi-Fi connected specs with the (socially questionable) built-in video camera. They are expected to officially launch at the end of the year, sporting a much-needed style makeover courtesy of the owner of Ray-Ban.

But while we wait for these two seismic launches, here are 10 cool-looking wearable tech pieces either available now or due for release in the coming months. Just don't wear them all at once. Well, not unless you want to look like a cyborg...