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Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry

People say that it doesn't matter if a man goes bald, but it matters to him. That's why so many men fall for the spurious adverts for products that purport to grow hair. Hair is a key factor in one's psychology and I'd be distraught if I lost mine, so I take care of it like a maniac. I'd be terrified if my hair started to fall out so I understand why men want to come and see me if they've got some hair loss.

I'm not a miracle worker and I can't make someone's hair grow back, but I can keep what hair they've got, and I can make what they've got look better. The least I can do is to slow down hair loss considerably, and the best I can do is maintain the quantity. There are things that will make your hair grow again, but the side effects are ridiculous, they're dangerous, and you get a loss of libido.

I put people on a programme according to the needs of their hair, and men usually do what I ask them to do because they don't want to lose their hair. But there's no magic, you have to eat better, take the supplements and follow the programme - it's the whole caboodle that helps.


Brushing hair hard to try to stimulate growth

In fact all this does is scratch the scalp, break the hair and pull it out!

Failing to seek help

There are treatments available for reducing hair loss, and useful advice regarding diet and hair care. Don't suffer in silence, and in the mistaken belief that there's nothing you can do about going bald.

Falling for miracle cures

Lots of men are taken in by the spurious advertising for products that purport to grow hair back. You can't do that. I can't do it, which I freely admit.