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  • Film directed by Mr Charlie Crane

This May marked 60 years since the athlete and physician Sir Roger Bannister broke the fabled four-minute mile barrier. The fact that his time of 3:59.4 has been improved upon by nearly 20 seconds in the intervening years does nothing to diminish the importance of what was one of the 20th century's defining athletic achievements. The myth surrounding the four-minute barrier, once considered as insurmountable as the speed of sound, and the circumstances of the race itself, run in unfavourable conditions at the Iffley Road track in Oxford, have cemented the record's place in athletics history.

Iffley Road is a running brand that celebrates the spirit of the amateur era of British running - a spirit that the brand's founders, Ms Claire Kent and Mr Bill Byrne, believe has been eclipsed by today's "ferociously professional attitude to sport". The brand channels the clean, fuss-free aesthetic of an earlier time, but it does so with both eyes fixed firmly on the road ahead: the shirts and shorts are cut from super-lightweight, breathable fabrics, and are designed with the modern runner in mind.

To mark the launch of the brand on MR PORTER, we set our alarm clocks early and headed out on a morning run with Mr Ben Gallagher, a brand consultant from London. Mr Gallagher, who took up running four years ago, sees running as an activity done in pursuit of personal growth, rather than personal bests: "I treat it as time to reflect and to take a step back," he says. Follow him as he goes for his morning run wearing kit from Iffley Road.

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER