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The Brazilian-influenced LP has been a rite of passage for crooners from the northern hemisphere since Mr Frank Sinatra teamed with Mr Antonio Carlos Jobim in 1967. Now Mr Sébastien Tellier leaves his native France behind for the home of samba for his sixth studio album, L'Aventura, which is out on 14 July.

L'Aventura was made in both Rio and Bougival, France (in Mr Jean-Michel Jarre's studio no less) - and manages to marry his whimsical Gallic pop with the upbeat, intricate sounds of Brazil. "Brazilian music is perfect as it's full of mysterious chords and strange melodies, but also light and sunny," he says. Mixed by house legend Mr Philippe Zdar, the album features lead single "L'Adulte" - the video of which you can see below (bravo on the blazer, Mr Tellier).

In anticipation of the release, we asked the follicularly blessed artist - who has enjoyed a varied career that includes projects with Daft Punk and a 2008 Eurovision appearance - for his favourite tracks. For the 10 tunes he's currently playing the most head to Spotify to hear Mr Stevie Wonder, Kavinsky and The Beach Boys. You can pre-order L'Aventura here.

Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Features Writer, MR PORTER

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Culture Club

"Karma Chameleon"

"This track is the one song I've listened to the most in my life, so I have to include it."

Arthur Verocai

"Pelas Sombras"

"Some artists are so talented that music doesn't seem to hold any secrets for them. Arthur Verocai is one of those guys."

François de Roubaix

"Les Amis"

"My love for naive, innocent art was born when I heard this track. I consider him to be a musical father figure."

Lucio Battisti

"Amarsi Un Po'"

"Lucio fascinates me. He made me fall in love with music."


"I Love U So"

"This is a quintessential modern dance track that sums up a very simple feeling well. Philippe Zdar - a legend of house music and part of Cassius - mixed my new album."

Dennis Wilson

"River Song"

"The start of Pacific Ocean Blue - this is the most beautiful album intro I've ever heard. Dennis isn't overly famous, but I have always considered him the most talented of The Beach Boys."

Tim Maia

"O Caminho Do Bem"

"I heard this track on a car stereo in São Paulo four years ago and it made me want to play Brazilian music. Everything I love about music is in this track."

Gérard Lenorman

"Gentil Dauphin Triste"

"I love it when French people make Caribbean music. This is the most stupid yet charming song that I know."


"Testarossa Autodrive"

"This is a gold nugget found in the darkest depths of electro's overflowing river."

Stevie Wonder

"Happier Than the Morning Sun"

"I consider Stevie Wonder to be the greatest musician ever. You just have to listen to this song to realise that."