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  • Photography by Mr Bill Gentle

He's got models waiting in reception, GQ on line 1, the seating plans for this month's menswear shows in London, Paris and Milan to look at and a client lunch to run to. "Just a typical Friday!" says Mr George MacPherson, vice president of US public relations for brand management and marketing agency Starworks Group in New York. "But it's fun and it's varied - plus I'm heading to the beach tonight for the weekend."

It's the kind of life that calls for a versatile and hard-working wardrobe. "I tend to dress in such a way that I can be ready for whatever the day could bring," he says. "What might start out as a day with no meetings can quickly become client-facing, or involve an appointment with an editor."

In a rare week that he was in New York, we caught up with Mr MacPherson as he took us on a tour of his favourite Manhattan haunts by way of sharing his five-day style diary.

Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER