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  • Photography by Mr Ben Harries

If cycling has a spiritual home in the British capital it's the east London district of Hackney. Twenty years ago Hackney's image was of a dangerous ghetto where a few eccentric, sandal-wearing vegan liberals lived, mainly in squats. Today, like so many ghetto to gorgeous neighbourhoods the world over, the borough is a hub of creativity, good food, fine drinks, art, fashion and music, and as a result it's recently seen an influx of bobo residents (she's wearing Isabel Marant, he's wearing Folk).

For a tour of east London's cycle spots we enlisted the help of Mr Ed Hallam, an art director at Catch Digital. Mr Hallam set out from his apartment in the brutalist Barbican Centre, on the edge of the City, and headed east towards more humanistic settings including a bike repair shop on Broadway Market, a lunch spot by London Fields, Mare Street for coffee and onto Victoria Park to sunbathe. And this may surprise people who have the idea that it's always wet in London: he didn't encounter a single raindrop all day.

Styling by Mr Tony Cook, Junior Fashion Editor, MR PORTER
Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher, Features Editor, MR PORTER