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  • Words by Mr Kevin Murphy

As the saying goes, a man needs three things and he'll always be stylish: good shoes, a good watch and a strong haircut. "You can wear a great suit but, if your hair isn't up to scratch, you won't look the part," says Mr Brent Pankhurst, the London barber who has taken scissors to the likes of Mr Daniel Craig and created looks for major films and album covers. "It's the one accessory you carry around 24/7." Thankfully, it's one that can be altered at will, too.

While trends come and go, there's one constant: squareness. "Any barber worth his salt knows that a round cut is to be avoided. And all the great hair icons are such because their styles, no matter how different on the surface, follow that golden rule," says Mr Pankhurst.

Square is part of it. But you also need a touch of class; all legends of hair, from now or 60 years ago, have classic looks - more Tony Soprano than Toni&Guy. "Even Gosling and Clooney sport classic looks," says Mr Pankhurst. And you only need look at how often us men google their haircuts to realise that they've both already reached iconic status. Classic values in modern application.

Above, then, is a traditional scissor guide to achieving the most iconic looks, supplied by the heroes of modern hairdressing. Give these instructions to your barber and enjoy a cut guaranteed to turn heads.