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  • Illustrations by Mr Richard Haines

Like several other major cities, New York is made up of distinct neighbourhoods, many with their own unwritten dress codes. Sketch artist Mr Richard Haines lives in Bushwick, a Brooklyn neighbourhood where many of Williamsburg's priced-out creatives are clustering. "This is the most inspiring [part of New York] in terms of vibe. There isn't one specific Bushwick look, but there is a thread of unstudied swagger here. The style is such a mix of skaters, fashionistas, hipsters and B-boys - so much to see," he says.

"As you move further in towards the city from Bushwick the looks get progressively more polished, from the uber hipsters of Williamsburg to the more Euro guys of SoHo until we reach Bushwick's opposite, the Upper East Side, which is more about tailoring."

Click through the gallery, above, to meet some of the New Yorkers who caught Mr Haines' artistic eye this month.

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Words by Mr Dan Rookwood, US Editor, MR PORTER