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Packing for a weekend break is hard enough. But how can you be expected to know what you're going to wear when you don't even know where you're going?

This is the predicament that the latest caller to MR PORTER's Style Clinic Show finds himself in. With his 40th birthday just around the corner, his wife is whisking him off on a long weekend break – but she's keeping the specifics under wraps. While this all sounds wonderfully romantic, it leaves him with absolutely no idea what to pack, so he's booked himself into the Style Clinic for a quick check-up.

Our diagnosis? The MR PORTER Essentials range. From classic Converse sneakers to the perfect navy suit, The Essentials are designed to cover all bases, and to be appropriate for men of all ages – no matter where in the world they find themselves. As such, we firmly believe that there is no sartorial problem that they cannot resolve. To see how we used them here, watch the latest episode, above.

Film By Mr Jacopo Maria Cinti, Associate Art Director, MR PORTER
Styling By Mr Tony Cook, Junior Fashion Editor, MR PORTER