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  • Illustrations by Mr Nick Hardcastle

Today, the traditional ritual of an Apprentice-style grilling in a windowless corporate meeting room is edging closer to enforced retirement. Video interviews are a growth trend, cutting time and cost on both sides of the fence and removing the need to turn up at all – in the flesh, at least. Since 2011 our reliance on virtual job interviews has risen 49%, with six in 10 recruiters now switching on their webcams to vet candidates; advantages commonly cited include time flexibility, the removal of the need to travel, reduced costs and heightened efficiency in screening as many candidates as possible. And given as much as 93% of human communication is non-verbal, it's not hard to see why they take precedence over conventional phoners.

Among the available conferencing apps Skype stands apart. Besides its 300 million-strong user base, it has further improved its stock by recently announcing Skype Translator, an upcoming add-on that promises to translate multi-language video calls in near real-time. Santa mierda! Of course there's a knack to proving your worth to a potential employer from the comfort of your own house. Which is why we Skyped four experts in the field of video interviews to help keep you in the frame.