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The problem with hotels is that it never quite feels as if you've got the place to yourself. Depending upon your taste level and per diem, either that overly solicitous valet is popping by for some palm greasing or a rapper is training a pit bull for his next title bout in an adjacent room.

One solution might be to follow the example of Formula One's head honcho, Mr Bernie Ecclestone, who rented out the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat in its entirety for his daughter's lavish nuptials last summer, at a cost just shy of $1m. But if that seems a little conspicuous - a little gauche, even - then you may wish to explore the many and varied options on the rental market instead.

MR PORTER has searched high and low for the world's most indulgent holiday rental properties. Ranging from a palatial St Tropez party pad to the ultimate Balinese cliffside retreat, these are locations that offer all of the luxury of a five-star hotel - but that come with the added benefit of your own front door. Click through the gallery, above, to see more.

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER and
Ms Caroline Hogan, Editorial Coordinator, MR PORTER