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When The Modern Lovers' Mr Jonathan Richman recorded "That Summer Feeling" in 1984, he did so as a cautionary tale about romanticising summer. Sun-kissed nostalgia, he warned, can come back to bite us: "Some things look good before and some things never were/But that summer feeling is gonna haunt you one day in your life."

It's an unnervingly compelling song - but not necessarily something we consider when lounging by a pool with Fleetwood Mac wafting through the speakers. And it certainly doesn't chime with the hazy days sold to us by hit makers such as Mr Calvin Harris (see: recent track "Summer").

Whichever camp you're in - as you can see by the selection above - there aren't set rules to what makes someone's perfect summer song. Whether it's Mr Don Henley or Digable Planets, as long as the track produces a Pavlovian urge to be somewhere warm, then it's bound to be a hit.

From baseball's Mr Matt Kemp to Mr James Hince (the man who is Ms Kate Moss' private DJ) - we asked 20 men of note for the song that sums up this time of year for them most. Scroll through, above, to check out the selection, and head to Spotify, below, to listen to the playlist.

Words by Mr Tom M Ford, Features Writer, MR PORTER

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