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  • Illustrations by Mr Seth Armstrong | Words by Mr Johnny Davis

These days we read more than ever before. Our phones give us instant access to the internet, email and social media to fill every idle moment. But when was the last time you read an actual book?  

The joy of reading a book is often in the escapism. Physically you might be sardined into a commuter train en route to the office but mentally you could be On the Road across America with Mr Jack Kerouac or spending A Year in Provence in the company of Mr Peter Mayle.  

But reading a book in geographical context helps to immerse you and heighten the senses, meaning you get more out of both what you're reading and where you're reading it. Especially if you're on holiday.  

We asked noted bookworm Mr Johnny Davis, editor of UK Esquire's The Big Black Book, for his top six classic books that are inextricably linked to their settings. Whether you're hitting the beach, the road, the railway or the wilderness in the near future, you'll find a travelling companion, above.